About Skeptifit

The author of this blog is a qualified and practicing professional Fitness Specialist (dip) and final year Clinical Physiologist (BMedSci), has internship experience delivering movement therapy and rehabilitation interventions in the settings of cardiac disease & post-op surgery, mental illness, musculoskeletal disease, and a variety of other chronic illness and injury.


The mission of this blog is to deliver fitness and/or health based information in a scientific and skeptical manner, with posts and updates varying on issues from research reports, to fitness science news, critical thinking, best practice in recreational exercise and sport, nutritional and fitness myths, and reviews of the implementation of different training modalities by fitness (eg personal trainers) AND medical health professionals (eg physiotherapists and clinical physiologists).

This blog is an ongoing mental exercise. Views may be changed at any time if and when sufficiently reliable, valid and peer-reviewed scientific evidence is provided. In the absence of scientific literature, arguments need to be pretty darn persuasive.

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One thought on “About Skeptifit

  1. Great site, FB, SL gym, and twitter! It’s so great you take so much time to inspire, teach and influence others. 🙂

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